about the firm

Acanthus Architecture is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and offers a comprehensive range of architectural services to commercial, institutional, and private clients. While the firm’s roots remain in the mountain and piedmont regions of North Carolina, a considerable portion of Acanthus’s work extends beyond this area. Acanthus’s portfolio features completed and ongoing projects in Colorado, Montana, New York, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Acanthus’s core principle, good design, is deceptively simple. It is at the heart of what the firm is all about and informs every decision. With each project, Acanthus aspires to original and imaginative architectural solutions that respond to the unique desires and programming requirements of its clients and the particular circumstances of each site.

Acanthus believes that great architecture is more than plans and elevations, no matter how refined, and accordingly is devoted to the careful consideration of even the smallest detail. This rigorous approach results in projects that are elegantly proportioned, harmonious with their environment, and delightful work and living spaces.

Many practices that would now be termed “sustainable” have always been inherent to Acanthus’s design philosophy. The firm has emphasized daylighting and natural ventilation not simply for their energy conservation benefits but because humans thrive when they have a sensory connection to nature.  Acanthus has detailed airtight, well-insulated building envelopes to be consistent with the sound construction approach the firm demands throughout. However, it has become increasingly clear that such measures alone are an insufficient response to the environmental crisis that we face today, and the resulting cost uncertainty that building owners face. Accordingly Acanthus has assiduously pursued more sustainable strategies in its recent projects, including onsite energy generation and an increased use of recycled and reclaimed materials.

Acanthus is made up of a team of dedicated design professionals led by principal architects Mark Glen and Larry Snively. Founded in 1995 with an emphasis on highly crafted residential work, the firm has widened its focus to bring the same careful attention to detail to a range of commercial commissions.

An exacting commitment to quality is a hallmark of this design firm. The engagement with each client extends from initial program development and site analysis through building completion and occupancy and includes thorough construction documents and construction administration services. The decision to see every project through from start to finish ensures the highest quality finished product.