Rockwell Automation Offices

Milwaukee, WI

When Rockwell Automation decided to uproot its executives from a downtown high rise and reintegrate them in the company’s landmark factory complex on the south side of Milwaukee, Rockwell’s leadership engaged Acanthus Architecture to redesign the executive suite and to convert 40,000 square feet of factory into office space for legal and financial departments.

The executive suite was fully renovated with glass-walled offices and conference rooms and sleek modern finishes and lighting. Acanthus changed slot windows into ribbons of glass and added a skylight in the lobby.

In the factory renovation, Acanthus organized the interior space into two open-office areas divided by a block of conference rooms. As natural light was limited, the perimeter offices also have glass walls to increase daylight penetration. To maximize the ceiling height and enliven the space, all mechanical and lighting systems were designed to be exposed. In order to keep the office areas as visually open as possible, Acanthus used glass panels for the top portion of the work station partitions. Appreciation for the open and amicable environment that Acanthus created overcame initial concerns about exposure and privacy.

Credits: Architect of Record: Zimmerman Design Group General Contractor: Jens Construction Corporation Structural Engineer: Graef Anhalt Schloemer & Associates Mechanical Engineer: Harwood Engineering Consultants

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